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Jim Falcione, Owner & Operator of Jetstream Pressure Washing, Inc.

Thank you for visiting Jetstream My name is Jim Falcione, Owner & Operator of Jetstream Pressure Washing, Inc. We’ve been serving the Southwest Florida area since 2006 and since then have gained a vast array of commercial and residential clientele.

Our main goal is 100% customer satisfaction and we do not strive for anything less. Our work and current customers can attest to that. Click here to read what our customers have to say.

We specialize in “Low Pressure Roof Cleaning” a process that uses no high pressure to bring your roofs original look back. Not only that, we excel at a menu of other things as well. Please take a look at our services page for a list of what we do.

What is the Low Pressure Wash?

Instead of relying on one strong caustic chemical to do the cleaning, we use 3 chemicals mixed in a calculated fashion. The synergistic combination of these 3 tile roof cleaning chemicals allows us to use a much safer, more effective solution. It’s applied to your roof using low pressure between 80-100psi compared to the high pressure cleaning of 2000-3000psi. It’s then allowed to sit on the roof and start it’s cleaning process. During the process your house, vegetation and surrounding objects are thoroughly rinsed of any roof runoff, and constantly kept wet until the process is complete.

We at JetStream Pressure Washing fully guarantee our work and if not satisfied we will come back out and address the situation.

Low Pressure Washing Bonita Springs, FL